If you have the Guardian – you can go anywhere with confidence!
Close up of Marathon cushion

Go with confidence!

An inflated wheelchair cushion is meant to offer a layer of comfort between you and the wheelchair seat. It also can be great for even pressure distribution and can help to prevent pressure sores if it is properly inflated.

The Problem

The potential problem with any air cushion is a leak. If your cushion leaks and goes flat and you don’t immediately take action you can quickly get a pressure sore.

An air cushion with no low pressure alarm device is very risky because a leak can occur at any time and leave you sitting on a flat cushion for many hours – even all day long. Even the smallest leak can have a cushion completely flat in just minutes.

The Solution

Wouldn’t it give you piece of mind to know that if your cushion became dangerously low you would be instantly and automatically alerted?

The patented Guardian Pressure Monitor® gives you that piece of mind. Always vigilant, the Guardian will activate an audible and visual alarm as soon as air pressure becomes dangerously low.

Fits ANY single-valve Roho, ANY single-valve Star cushion, and ANY other single-valve air cushion!